Infant Massage Classes Billings Montana

As a Loving Touch International, Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI®), I am pleased to offer Infant, Baby and Child Massage classes. Massage classes are for parents, expectant parents, or caregivers.

Massage classes are a fun way for you and your partner or other caregiver and your baby to be around other parents and their children.

Expectant parents can take infant massage instruction before their baby is born, so that they are ready to begin massaging their baby from the first moment that baby is laid upon the mother’s chest during the first hour of his/her life.  The same soft dolls are used as a stand-in for baby before it arrives.

Learning massage in this environment bring a sense of community to all who participate. In the class, you will learn a great routine that you can use on your children. You will learn the benefits of each type of massage stroke. Additionally, your children will be able to feel your heart coming through your hands, increasing your special bond.

Private massage instruction is available for parents who cannot attend or prefer not to attend in a group setting. This type of instruction has the advantage of being quieter and more concentrated but misses out on the community.

Perfect Timing ?

Massage is done when the infant/baby/child is in a quiet and alert state. If you arrive at the class and baby is sound asleep or is not in the mood for the massage, we will use dolls as stand-ins so that everyone can practice. These are soft-bodied dolls. From the start we want to teach our children that we honor their personal space and if they are not in the mood to be touched, they have the right to say no.

What to bring

A full diaper bag, including a bottle if necessary, and a blanket or towel to lay the child on. Massage tends to make people thirsty whether they are 3 days, 3 years or 30 years old. Be prepared to feed and change them after their massage.

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